1. System Overview

  1. The Cloud Based System is the core of the system where all data and code resides.
  2. The Customer/Resident facing web App is used by customers and can be accessed using a smart phone, tablet or computer and is used to make water bookings and to get water.
  3. The management app is used by Water Monitors to manage background processes and to assist customers.
  4. The Console contains electronics interfaced with the cloud based system and measures water quantities and operates the valves.
  5. The Console has a touch operated screen that can be used by customers to get water and by Water Monitors to manage the system.
  6. The water meter box contains the manifold where water is turned on or off (through eclectically operated valves) and water flow is measured (through an electrical signal from the 3 water meters).
  7. The three water lines coming out of the water meter box distribute water over the island to each residence.

The water line network on the island:

2. The Water Booking Process


A resident needs water and ensures they are a SIRA member.


The resident makes the booking via the booking App (Computer or Device) or via the Water Monitor. The Water Monitor has access to the management module of the system and can assist with arranging the booking.


The system will send a booking confirmation. Reminders are sent by email as well, 30 hours and 1 hour before the booking.


The resident connects the standpipe to their tank


The booking is started and the water turned on via the App or the Console.


During the booking, the water flow and quantity is displayed in the app and is checked against water delivered into the tank.


When the required amount of water has been delivered, the resident can Finish the booking from the App or from the Console. If nothing is done, the system will finish the booking at the end time of the booking slot. The valve will be closed automatically and meter readings are recorded by the system.


 The system sends an invoice when the booking is finished.


 The resident disconnects their water tank from the standpipe and opens the stop valve past their standpipe.

10.The invoice can be paid via the link in the invoice email, or via the 'Pay Now' button in the App. Pre-authorised payments will be processed automatically by the system.

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