Membership eligibility

From Part II, Section 2 of the SIRA Constitution: Membership of the association shall be open to any person aged 18 years or more who is either or both of the following:

  1.  a full or part time resident of Scotland Island;
  2.  an owner of land on Scotland Island, either solely or jointly with any other person or persons or with a corporation, or who is a director of a corporation which owns land on Scotland Island solely or jointly.

How can I become a member?

  1. Fill out the form on the Membership page (email address needed - see below what to do if you don't have email).
  2. Check your email inbox for an email acknowledging your application and further instructions.
  3. Pay your membership fee shown on the emailed invoice online, by EFT, cheque or cash.
  4. As soon as receipt of your payment is confirmed and eligibility confirmed, your membership will be activated.

What do I have to do to renew my membership?

Annually, a few weeks before renewal is due, we will send you an email and an invoice for your membership fee. You can then check your details and pay your dues online by EFT, cheque or by cash.

Upon receipt of your payment your membership will be renewed.

I did not receive a renewal notice and invoice. What should I do?

We may not have your correct details in our system. Please contact the Secretary to get your details updated.

What are the rules if I am part of a household?

Any member over the age of 18 within your household can become a member of SIRA. Each household member who wants to be a SIRA member should apply for membership and pay the membership fee annually.

You can only order Emergency Non-potable Water from SIRA if you are a SIRA member and have signed the Agreement for Sale of Non-potable Water.

Individuals who are not SIRA members, even if another household member has joined SIRA, have no voting rights, or be able to buy water on behalf of their household.

Can I buy Emergency Non-potable Water?

SIRA will sell you Emergency Non-potable Water only if you are a paid-up SIRA member.#@#_WA_-_CURSOR_-_POINT_#@#

Click for help on water bookings

If you don't have an email address or don't want us to use it

To apply for membership without an email address, download the paper application form and follow the instructions on the form.

If you cannot download this form, then please write to the SIRA Secretary at P.O. Box 70, Church Point, NSW 2105. You can also contact the Secretary by sending an email to You will be sent a paper membership application form to complete and sign.

Scan and email this form to or post to PO Box 70 Church Point 2105.

Follow the payment instructions on the form.

Please note that if we don't have your email address you will not receive news and SIRA notices by email. You will also be unable to log in to this portal to view or edit your membership details.

If you are a Life Member

If you have been awarded life membership, there is no need to apply online for membership and no renewals are required. The Membership Administrator will ensure you are added to the system. You may want to change your details from time to time, including your interests and contact details. You will be given membership system access details by the Secretary. Please click to email with a request for your log-in credentials.

If you are leaving the island or want to resign as member

If you move from the Island and/or have sold your property on the Island, please tell us as you will no longer be eligible for membership and we will not send a membership renewal notice, by filling out the Exit Survey. Also, if you would like to resign from SIRA membership, please submit the Exit Survey or alternatively contact the Secretary by email, or send a letter to the SIRA Secretary at P.O. Box 70, Church Point, NSW 2105 and your details will be removed from the system.

Membership fields

Please find below an explanation of the membership fields, why we are storing them and with whom the information will be shared. Please refer to

 Field Compulsory?
 Why we are storing this information
Who it will be shared with
First and last Name
 Yes To identify you as a member
SIRA Committee members and all SIRA members if you have a role in the Association*
Email address
Only for members accessing the self service portal
This is your user ID to the self-service portal and the address is used to send you invoices, receipts, membership emails, SIRA notices and communications.
SIRA Committee members and all SIRA members if you have a role in the Association*
Phone  No We may want to contact you, regarding membership, water bookings or other matters
SIRA Committee members and with SIRA members if you have a role in the Association* In addition, read the water system privacy policy
Mobile phone
 No We may want to contact you, regarding membership, water bookings or other matters SIRA Committee members and with SIRA members if you have a role in the Association*. In addition, read the water system privacy policy
Postal address
 Yes We may want to send you snail mail on the odd occasion and we may be required to contact you
SIRA Committee members
Scotland Island address

Membership eligibility
 Yes This information is needed to determine if you are eligible for membership and whether you are owner, tenant or boarder.

SIRA Committee members
Emergency non-potable water
Yes, if you wish to purchase non-potable water
To confirm that you are eligible to purchase non-potable water and have completed an agreement. To complete the agreement, click on the link.
Water Line number: To identify the water line that  services your property and to send targeted operational water line communications.
SIRA Committee members and Water Monitors
Your interests

To indicate your interests in the various SIRA topics. We will be able to send targeted communications about the subjects you are interested in.
SIRA Committee members
Why are you joining SIRA?
 No Information for statistical purposes.
SIRA Committee members
Number of occupants
Information for statistical purposes. How many people live in your residence?
SIRA Committee members
Number of vehicles at Church Point
 No Information for statistical purposes. How many vehicles has your household parked at Church Point?  SIRA Committee members
Your vehicle(s) on the Island
 No The Fire Station is a registered Vehicle Inspection Station. SIRA co-ordinates the annual Registration Day. To be included in the annual inspection, please provide your vehicle registration number.  SIRA Committee members and authorised vehicle examiner
Your TUG membership number
 No If you are a member of the Tennis User Group (TUG) please provide your TUG number here.
 SIRA Committee members
 Role(s) No (admin use)
If you have a role (committee member, office bearer or other such as water line monitor), the membership administrator will add your role here. This field is not visible on the registration form. This field is used to form email groups for internal communication and selection to list you in the directory on this site (member access only).
 All SIRA Members
 Group Membership
No (admin use)
Selection is important to ensure you are included in meeting invitations and other communications.  SIRA Committee Members and Subcommittee chairs

*You can change your privacy settings to prevent this information to be visible to people outside the SIRA committee.


You have full access and control over the visibility of your information to other members and can change the settings in the privacy tab of your profile. Note that you will not appear in the directory page of this portal, unless you have been assigned one or more Roles in the system. You can still ensure you are not listed by changing your privacy settings.

To enable the running of the Association and the services provided by SIRA, selected Committee members and people performing operational tasks for the Association will be given administration access to the database . This may include information about invoices and payments received. Access levels will ensure that these persons will only have access to information and functions required for the completion of their task(s).

The SIRA Privacy Policy sets out the way in which we manage your personal information and how we safeguard your privacy. It applies to the Scotland Island Residents’ Associations (SIRA), its Committee and Subcommittees and third parties such as contractors.

Do you need support?

If you need any extra help with the Self-Service Portal, we are ready to help. Here is where you can go with specific queries:

Incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009
P O Box 70, Church Point 2105
ABN 19 163 341 913

Privacy Statement: Personal information is collected for the purpose of administering the affairs of the Scotland Island Residents’ Association and communicating with members. It is handled in accordance with the National Privacy Principles (Privacy Act 1988 refers). Please refer to the SIRA Privacy Policy

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